West Elizabeth





Minority Population


Total Housing Units


Percent Vacant


Median Household Income


Per Capita Income


Individuals Below Poverty Level



More detailed municipal profiles are available from the US Census. 


Municipal Staff and Officials


Robin Stockton

Borough Secretary

PO Box 716

West Elizabeth, PA  15088

412-384-8200 (phone)

412-384-0538 (fax)


Policed by Elizabeth Borough


Fire Chief

Larry Vargo



Ralph Harrington


Louise Biddle

Council President

Ray Armstrong, Sr.

Council Member

Daryl Celestino

Council Member

Susan Pershing

Council Member

Steve Hallum

Council Member

Frank Magill

Council Member

Lisa Morris

Council Member





The settlement's origins are traced to a Frenchman named Arnold Ville who made the journey from New York on foot and by canoe.  West Elizabeth has at different times been in the counties of Cumberland, Bedford, Washington and Allegheny.

In 1833 Gilbert Stephens, Samuel Frew, Andrew Craighead and Erastus Percival unofficially established West Elizabeth.  Soon after settling, Stephens began one of the first industries - building steamboat hall.

In 1834 Property owner Thomas Robinson offered $50 to the person who would build the first house.  The winner was John    Keenan who built at the corner of Second and Market streets.

In 1835 A sawmill and yard was added at the foot of Border Street.  Within two years, 14 boats were built and launched.

In 1841 The first Church was established by the Presbyterians.

In 1842 The first coal mine was established on a hillside which is claimed to be the first place in the Mon Valley were coal was mined to be shipped elsewhere via water.  Also in 1842, the first post office was established, Sereno Percival served as the first postmaster.

In 1848 West Elizabeth was incorporated as a borough by a special act of the state legislature taken from Jefferson Township which at that time was claimed by the colony of Virginia.

In 1852 A major flood led to the demise of the boat industry by the following year.

In 1893 The ferry connecting Elizabeth and West Elizabeth went out of business when the first Elizabeth Bridge was opened.  The new overpass connected to Williamsport Road.

In 1948 Construction began on the existing Elizabeth Bridge that connects West Elizabeth and Elizabeth Borough, consuming many commercial and residential properties for creation of the leaf bridge ramp.


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