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Municipal Staff and Officials


Brenda Honick

Dravosburg Borough Office

226 Maple Avenue

Dravosburg, PA  15034

412-466-5200 (phone)

412-466-6027 (fax)  

Jay Smith

Fire Chief



Patrolled by the City of McKeesport



John Powell


Jay McKelvey, Sr.

Council President

Bill Snodgrass

Council Vice President

Greg Wilson

Council Member

Michelle Vezzani

Council Member

Barbara Stevenson

Council Member

Charles Gross

Real Estate Tax Collector


General Information

Dravosburg Borough Council

Our Borough Council holds a public meeting the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Building at 226 Maple Avenue.  Our Borough is represented by the 14th Congressional District, the 38th Legislative District, and the 45th Senatorial District.  Residents are encouraged to attend and see your local government at work


Dravosburg Borough Municipal Building

Dravosburg Borough Municipal Building is located at 226 Maple Avenue.  It houses the Council Chambers and the following offices:  Borough Secretary/Treasurer, Act 511 Tax Collector, Sewage Collector, Code Enforcement and Real Estate Tax Collector.



Police coverage is contracted with McKeesport Police Department who patrol Dravosburg 24/7.  There is an office for police use located in the lower level of the Municipal Building.  Police calls are taken at 412-675-5015 or 911.


Fire Protection

Dravosburg Volunteer Fire Department is located at 6th & Ravine Street.  The Emergency Number is 911. 


Ambulance Service

PRISM Health Services, Inc. is the designated ambulance service for Dravosburg.  The emergency number is 911.  Membership is $25/year for individual and $45/year for family.  To register please call PRISM at 412-466-5111.


Public Works

The Dravosburg Public Works Department is located at 633 Washington Avenue directly behind the sewage plant.  There are 2 full-time employees.  The duties consist of street maintenance, snow removal, storm sewer and catch basin cleaning, building maintenance, and the overall maintenance of all public property within the borough.


Animal Control

The animal control agency for Dravosburg is Ferree Kennels at 412 672-6699.


Sewage Treament Plant

The Sewage Treatment Plant is located at 320 Washington Avenue.  There is one full-time employees.   He is responsible for ensuring the safe and proper operation of the sewage plant.  This includes maintenance of all equipment at the plant and pump station, administering all testing required by the Allegheny County Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Protection and general repairs at the plant.  Sewage Billing is still handled locally at the Municipal Building located at 226 Maple Avenue.


Garbage Collection

The Borough of Dravosburg does not regulate what garbage company you choose to use for garbage collection.  It is your choice.  There are two haulers in town:  County Hauling 724-929-7694 and Waste Management 1-800-458-4090.


Wage Tax

All Borough residents are required to pay a wage tax of 1.0% to the Borough of Dravosburg.  If your employer does not deduct the Borough Wage Tax, then the tax will be billed quarterly by the borough tax office. Every resident with earned income must file a tax return by April 15 to avoid penalties.


Athletic Programs

A wide range of activities are offered including softball and baseball.  Check local paper for registration or contact the Dravosburg Youth Association at 412-466-4320.


Property Tax

The current rate for property tax is 4.815 mills plus .5 mills for fire services equaling 5.315 mills for the Borough tax, 4.69 mills for Allegheny County, and 17.71 mills for McKeesport Area School District.


District Justice

The District Justice is the Honorable Richard D. Olasz, Jr., located at 1800 Homeville Road, Village Shopping Center, West Mifflin, PA  15122




Dravosburg celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003.  In those 100 years of history as a municipality, Dravosburg has maintained many of the values that were key to it’s founding in 1903.  The records of Dravosburg date back to 1769.  The first settler was John Gray also known as George Gray.  Prior to that time, an early deed was recorded if this section as far as Hays, know then as Six Mile Ferry.  This section was granted to John Gray by John and Thomas Penn, sons if William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania.  The property, formerly known as Mt. Gray, is remembered as Cunningham farm, a heritage of the Gray family.  The first home if the Cunningham family was a two room log cabin overlooking the Monongahela River, built in 1854 and known as Amity settlement and later was the home of Conrad Goldstrohm, for whom a street is named for.  The Civil war halted further building on the hill as most of the young men were in the service.


In 1789, the land where Richland Cemetery is located was deeded to Conrad Latterbock.  The land extended back as far as the property now known as Curry Hollow.   The Cemetery was used as a private burial place and was known by two name Richland and Cuventry.  In 1837 this land was deeded to the Curry family and known as the Curry Place.  Part of this land is still known as Curry Hollow.


Dravosburg, a part of Mifflin Township, was incorporated into a Borough March 31, 1903.  The first Burgess was Stephan Crump elected May 6, 1903.  A council was elected and they had their first meeting in the Richer Real Estate office, located at what was the Richards Building.  The first order of business was to hire a policeman, buy a revolver, a mace, two pairs of handcuffs, and order a lockup built.  The lockup was ready June 7, 1904.


Since the first mine was opened in 1835, a great change has taken place.  From a small group of homes centered on the mine, the town into a flourishing residential community.  Dravosburg started with the opening of a coalmine at the extreme north end of the town by William and John Wigham in 1835 and continued to operate until 1856 when it was sold to William Stone.  Stone operated the mine until his death.  O’Neal operated the mine until 1851.  It was sold to Michael Dravo and sons.   The Leaders of the community campaigned for a post office.  They wanted Amity to be the name of the new Post Office but were rejected because there was a town by that name in Washington County.  The name Dravosburg was chosen in honor of John Dravo, who would be the first postmaster.  When Dravosburg incorporated as a borough, a school board was needed.  On May 6, 1903, five directors were elected.  The first school in

Dravsoburg was under the jurisdiction of Mifflin Township.  Located on the river road later known as the Amity Hotel.  In 1850, a small one-room school was built at the foothill on McClure Street.  William Hull taught here as long as the building remained.  In 1855, a two-room school was built beside the one-room building.  A small one-room school stood at the mouth of Martins Hollow near the site of the German Lutheran Church that was moved when the P.V.C. RR came through in 1873.  In 1891, a frame school was built on the hill where the recently destroyed Third Street School Building stood, but was destroyed by fire in 1905.  Classes were held in the Richards Building and the German Lutheran Church until the brick building was built on Third Street.  This Building was completed in 1906.  It stood in this spot until it was torn down in 1996.  The school portion closed in 1976 and became a municipal building until it was condemned in 1986.


The Dravosburg Bridge was built in 1889-1890 at the cost of $110,000.  The Mansfield Bridge cost $8,000,000.  Streetcars came to Dravosburg in 1890 but the tracks ended on McClure Street at the P.V.C. RR crossing.   



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